The Future of California Criminal Social Justice? 1,2,3,4…..In the year 2134, who could that be kicking in your door?

Posted: May 24, 2011 in Social Justice

I had a nightmare and it went a little something like this:

Home-Defenders Convinced They Are Not Breaking The Law?

By Melvin P. Spittle

Senior staff writer, LA Times Social Justice Desk

May 1, 2134 Weekly Commentary

A trend is developing regarding home-defenders showing up for arraignment convinced that they have not broken any laws because the laws are supposedly “flawed in the first place” based on their “expanded” definition of the scope of home defense as outlined in the California Code of Criminal Rights CCCR Sec IIIa (1) “Limits on Home Defense”. Although their logic is obviously flawed, they insist on their innocence and many of their lawyers and some prosecutors agree: This is a very volatile gray area of the law, subject to radical swings between home-defense and criminal worker rights. And of course, we have to listen to their incessant blathering regarding 2nd Amendment rights being violated. When will they learn that reasonable limits to 2A rights do not burden the exercise thereof as outlined in the above section of the CCCR? Due to the aggressive nature of Home-Defenders and their violent rhetoric and hate-speech aimed at criminal workers, the California Attorney General’s office has advised all county District Attorneys to take a zero tolerance stance when prosecuting these particular types of home defense crimes.

It is this writers sage advice to the Home-Defender movement that one not mess with interpretation of laws that one does not understand, resulting in a justified charge for a home defense crime. Err on the side of reason and think of the impact your actions will have on your family. Home defense does not give one license to over zealously protect one’s “Castle” with unreasonable force resulting in the death or serious injury of a criminal worker. Remember that one’s ”Castle” is the criminal worker’s workplace and the individual crime worker has a right to the reasonable expectation of safety from illegal harassment, injury or death.  Where is your sense of social justice? Here is a little reminder: Tic-Toc, your Home Defender movement will soon be outlawed once popular legislation has passed this summer to add your extremist  movement to the California Domestic Terrorist Act list. Just sayin,…..

In the interim, citizens are being advised to keep handy their copies of the California Code of Criminal Rights as required by existing law so that they may advise a criminal that has broken into their home that he or she may be breaking the law and they are officially filing a grievance covered in the criminal worker’s union contract as negotiated by California’s largest criminal worker union, the California Urban Intrastate Freedom Fighters United (CUIFFU). Although there is no evidence of the law being effective for victims, citizens are warned not to antagonize or provoke the criminal worker or violate their California rights through armed self defense without first negotiating with the criminal as this may result in devastating civil litigation and mandatory criminal home defense charges. California law states that “ home defender-criminal worker” negotiations must first be attempted before escalation, ensuring a safe workplace for criminal workers in the home invasion robbery trade, one of the unions most dangerous occupational environments. Be warned that deliberate verbal provocation  of criminal workers is a violation of workplace harassment laws and has been used as a successful defense for criminal workers in the past to justify self preservation methods.

Social Justice moved forward when California home defense won a huge victory after criminal workers agreed not to break into the occupied residential dwellings/workplace  and must make an attempt to ensure the residence is unoccupied before entering their workplace.  Although if after due diligence the criminal finds his workplace occupied, he is obligated to first negotiate with the resident(s) and allow safe passage of residents if he or she is not provoked or antagonized before resorting to self preservation methods. This revision to the California Code of Criminal Rights has resulted in a safer working environment for the state’s criminal worker trades. As a result state representatives are happy to announce that although criminal worker trades are experiencing historical growth, workplace fatalities are down by over 82% this year alone compared to a 34% rise in home-defender fatalities. A 34% rise in home-defender fatalities may seem alarming to some, but upon closer scrutiny we see the majority of home-defender fatalities accounted for in this rise were due to direct violations of criminal rights and were ruled self-defense.  Citizens should be wary of the Home-Defender movement’s tactic of intentionally distorting this statistic to further their violent agenda.

Social justice has come a long way in the Peoples Socialist Republic of California. During the barbaric early years, criminal workers were not organized and were being indiscriminately murdered by overzealous members of the Home-Defender movement. Our first historic victory came when the state banned concentrations of pepper spray  over 10% strength and limited container size to 2.5 ounces. This law alone has resulted in a safe work environment for all of California’s sex crime workers. This went unchallenged in the courts and later paved the way for precedent setting legislation to reign in the Home-Defender extremists. Just two years later, the next huge win for social justice was the 9th Circuit Court’s finding that one may not use deadly force in one’s residence/crime-workers workplace, against a crime-worker unless one can prove that a reasonable man would feel their life was in danger. This would not have been possible without the early grass roots efforts of,  the Widows and Children of Slain Criminal Workers which has now evolved into the modern day CUIFFU. As originally envisioned, the CUIFFU’s efforts has drastically reduced prison populations, provided jobs in the fastest growing sector of the state economy, and has not cost the taxpayer a dime due to legal remedy through expanded access to civil courts for spouses, children  and relatives of criminal workers to seek damages from Home-Defender’s criminal conduct during the armed commission of a home defense felony that results in the serious injury or death of a criminal worker.

Fellow citizens, we have made great progress but still have a long way to go and criminal worker rights is just one of many goals yet to be fully achieved before we can claim victory for social justice.

Home-Defender movement member’s threatening outburst

Is typical of this extremist movements violent, classist membership.

This unnamed member threatened criminal workers outside

of the CUIFFU Local 187 union hall in Compton, CA stating,

“why should I negotiate with a criminal in my own home? Not me.

Not ever. I’ll shoot’ em, you can bet that!”

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California Rights Lottery Results are In!

Five-time felon John Ellison hits the California Rights lottery by successfully suing his excessively wealthy home defenders, Daniel and Sarah Patterson of Pasadena, when he was shot attempting to abduct their 7 year old daughter during a home invasion last year. John “Pedo-Bear” Ellison was awarded 2.9 million dollars in damages as the latest winner.  Mr. Ellison suffers severe PTSD and left ear permanently scarred by a grazing bullet fired by Patterson in a fit of vicious rage resulting in the jury deliberating for only three minutes. Asked what was the key to his winning, Ellison stated “fifth time’s a charm motherf****rs! My gun jammed and the motherf****r still shot me after I tol’em “timeout, my gun is mother****in’ jammed, mother f****r..””. California law is very specific and states clearly that valid timeouts for weapon malfunction are to be observed thanks to language negotiated by CUIFFU early last year. Currently, Patterson is out on bail and will face lesser charges due to a plea agreement to drop criminal charges against Mr. Ellison that would have resulted in a minimum of one to maximum of six month criminal misdemeanor sentence for Mr. Ellison. Patterson was  originally charged with attempted murder with a home-defense enhancement, a charge  that could have resulted in a total minimum sentence of twenty five years to  a maximum of life. Although Mr. Ellison has dropped all criminal charges, he has charitably offered to pay for Patterson’s defense for the state’s remaining felony charges of unlawful storage and discharge of a firearm, serious charges that may bring a minimum of two years in state prison for each count.

“How can the mother****r pay the judgment if he is in prison? He’s got kids ‘in stuff. See…I got a heart too you know! And it’s P-Bear, not Pedo-Bear! You all a bunch of a**holes!” Ellison remarked when asked about his charitable gesture to Patterson.

John “P-Bear” Ellison

is now $2.9 Million Richer!

If Patterson is victorious, he still faces six months of controversial in-patient AAT (Aggression Aversion Therapy) that is mandated for anyone charged with violent criminal firearms felonies unless a finding of factual innocence is determined. Patterson may be ordered to complete GAT (Greed Aversion Therapy) if during the preliminary investigation it is determined that his gross assets exceeds state personal wealth fairness guidelines.

Left: Patterson family reaction to Daniel Patterson’s initial charges of an armed home-defense crime.

Right: Patterson being quickly arrested at his workplace for his own safety.

Reported by Myron Finkbinder, AP

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And then I woke up……

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