UK Knife Crime Program Failure According to Stats.

Posted: May 24, 2011 in Across the Pond

What could be a possible unintended consequence of a total handgun ban in the US? Criminals would just resort to the next best tool: The knife. In the UK, that is exactly what has happened. Now knife related crime is epidemic and the UK is approaching the issue aggressively, but short of a a ban on all knives. Although they did try to ban sharp pointy knives, allowing only rounded knives, such as a butter knife. Pointed steak knives would have been banned under this proposal. The bottom line is that humans will always find a way to do each other in or use any common object as leverage to threaten a victims life.  Below is a link to the story and another to the program overview of a tactic to reduce knife related crime. Did it work? Of course not. The data concluded there was no statistically significant change in knife related crime after over $20 million was spent on the program even though they can search and seize at random and without probable cause. The citizens of the UK will always be an infinite source of victims for their criminal element until they recognize the right of citizens to defend themselves with reliable means.

Telegraph story:

Link to program overview:

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