SEIU Now Represents 4.5 Million Bomb-Sniffing Worker Bees!

Posted: July 13, 2011 in Social Justice

story contributed by Melvin Spittle, Senior writer for the LA Times Social Justice desk

In an unprecedented move, the SEIU has successfully integrated over 4.5 million bomb-sniffing worker bees into the union. Although they will pay no dues initially, it is expected that newly initiated contract negotiations will ensure fair compensation for the nations bomb-sniffing worker bees. On the table for negotiation are wage scales for these highly trained and specialized worker bees, working hours, working conditions, health plan coverage, pensions & vacations.

The successful actions of animal rights attorneys regarding exploited animal workers paved the way for working animals to be recognized by our legal system as having much the same rights as their human counterparts.

Crowded working conditions of bomb-sniffing worker bees.

SEIU proposed "Three bees per office"

Bomb-sniffing worker bees at SEIU local 638 vote to strike if negotiations fall through.

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