Regarding The Civil Rights Movement: Just A Few Questions…

Posted: August 15, 2011 in Social Justice

Regarding civil rights records of the two main parties, morality is a guiding motivator when choosing sides. Do you agree with the following statement?

I am a Democrat because:

1. The Republicans fought against anti-lynching  legislation.

2. The Democratic Party was formed to end slavery.

3. The Republicans started the KKK to intimidate minorities and democrat voters.

4. The Republican Party fought hard against anti-segregation legislation.

5. Republicans supported a eugenics plan to get rid of “undesirables” in poor and minority neighborhoods.

The problem with the above enumerated statements is that they are attributing actions to the wrong party. It was the democrats that fought hard against civil rights and used the KKK as their enforcement arm to intimidate republican voters and minorities through beatings and lynchings.

Now for the question of the century: Why are the majority of minorities democrat? Were they willing to trade one form of enslavement with another and forgive the party that fought against their freedom so ruthlessly? Could it be that if you re-framed the statements above as questions such as “Which party fought against anti-lynching legislation?”, you would be surprised at the answer?

I did exactly that when I asked these questions during a college Sociology course and found it very disturbing that the majority of my fellow students thought that the democratic party was responsible for all laws that ended segregation, anti-lynching, and was formed to end slavery. Some were so disturbed by the correct answers that they accused me of racism and trying to re-write history although I cited nothing but documented legislative records and peer-reviewed articles regarding the link between the KKK and the democratic party.

The democratic party is an insidiously evil and deceptive party. They support Planned Parenthood and have successfully convinced the poor and minorities that it is their right to abort. This is exactly what the famous racist and eugenicist Margaret Sanger hoped for when she created Planned Parenthood. She was able to spin (lie) her cause into a rallying cry for women’s rights. If you look at where the vast majority of Planned Parenthood clinics are located, you will see that they are in poor and minority neighborhoods. Sanger was more effective than Hitler in that she has the “undesirables”  flocking to her clinics willingly! Now that is a master stroke of evil genius!

Again, you will see that it is the republican right that is pro-life and the democrats that are mainly pro-choice. The term pro-choice is such an elegant and heroic misnomer for what is actually murder. All the while the poor and minorities are happily trotting down to the clinic to exercise their right to abort and being told that they should feel proud for exercising their right as an empowered woman!

The democratic party has done more to enslave and murder the poor and minorities than any other party in the history of the United States, yet the republicans are the ones that are demonized and held accountable and called the racists. Are the poor and minorities so uninformed and lacking in education that they believe the liars even when historical documentation proves otherwise? One thing is for sure:  The democrats know the value of keeping the poor uneducated and dependent on the government. The moment that they actually seek out and see the truth for themselves the democratic party will die. I don’t see that happening due to the grip the democrats have on government entitlement programs and the mainstream media. Democrats can only exist in a society of enormous government entitlement programs to redistribute wealth to those who have not earned it. It is those that have not earned it that are primarily dependent on democrats to keep the flow of benefits going. It is through the brute force of the government that minorities will be kept enslaved by the government through entitlement programs that will replace any dignity they had with the belief that they are entitled to free money and benefits. It is this brute force of the government that is redistributing earned wealth to those that will never know what it’s like to earn anything.

As a free man, I will always earn my way and will never rely on the government to provide. Even though I paid in to social security and medicare, I do not expect to have these programs around for long after I retire. It is through my toil that I gain legitimacy and self respect. If you live on unearned entitlements and you are not handicapped, you have no excuse because you have either given up or been robbed of your self respect by a system that relies on your economic enslavement.

Democrats have evolved from a knowing conspiracy to actually believing their own BS. It was in the sixties that the lie began and now the offspring of the liars have come to hold the lie as the truth.

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